Emmerdale viewers call for Pierce to be jailed after he rapes Rhona

He wasn't taking another rejection after she knocked back his proposal

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Emmerdale fans have long been suspicious of Pierce – handsome and charming he may be, but there is also an angry and possessive streak.

Lover Rhona clearly shares those concerns, turning down his proposal of marriage as he got down on one knee.

So astounded was she by his question, she shook the ring from her finger.

The vet told Pierce she couldn’t accept, because she is still married to cheating husband Paddy.

“It was beautiful. It’s just too soon. Sorry,” she assured her new flame.

Pierce faced humiliation all over again when he had to explain to Paddy – who knew about his plans – that Rhona had turned him down.

Later, the rejection seemingly behind them – aside from a telling dig about her rejecting him – Pierce kissed Rhona and made to take things further, but she brushed him aside, suggesting they go out for food.

Pierce persisted, telling her: “Let me show you how much you mean to me.”

As he forced his bodyweight on top of her, Rhona told him she wasn’t in the zone – and he said he’d just have to put her in it.

Her partner ignored her final protestation of, “I’m just not in the mood right now, maybe later.”

The next scene that featured the pair, Pierce was all smiles and lovely dovey, telling Rhona he can’t get enough of her.

She, meanwhile, appeared to be in her bra with a blanket wrapped around her for comfort, looking shell-shocked.

Twitter went into meltdown with viewers expressing their anger and disgust.

One echoed the thoughts of many, writing: “Hope #Emmerdale shows Pierce going to jail for raping Rhona. Horrific.”

Another posted: “#Emmerdale highlighting even in relationships, non-consensual sex can happen. It’s rape, no doubt about it.”

A further fan said: “Oh Rhona, get out now #nomeansno @emmerdale.”

However, it appears Rhona will not leave the relationship yet – and she will fall victim to Pierce’s controlling issues again.