Emmerdale: Vanessa to confront Pierce over Rhona attack?

The vet finally opened up about her ordeal last night

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Emmerdale viewers were breathing a small sigh of relief for Rhona last night as she finally opened up about her rape ordeal.

With news of her marriage breakdown out in the open to Marlon, Paddy and Vanessa, they were all wracking their brains to work out what could have happened to their pal.

Despite being worried about Rhona, they agreed to give her some space – but Vanessa could sense something seriously wrong and headed to the vet’s cottage to try and help.

She was horrified by the scene that greeted her – the living room had seemingly been ransacked.

Just moments earlier Rhona had lost it after discovering a wedding gift from Pierce – red lingerie.

She smashed up all their gifts, and photographs of her grinning husband.

Vanessa implored her friend to open up to her – and eventually she did, detailing not only the rape on her wedding day, but Pierce’s increasingly aggressive sexual behaviour throughout their relationship.

Rhona explained that she had reported the attack but had not revealed that Pierce was the perpetrator – and she made it clear she wanted it to stay that way.

At one point, Rhona feared that Vanessa would report the attack and warned her friend that she just wants to block the incident out and never see Pierce again.

But will fiery Vanessa keep her word? She has had Pierce’s number from the outset.

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Fiercely protective of her best friend and never afraid of a confrontation, will she be able to stop herself from going at the twisted rapist?

For now, Emmerdale fans were just thrilled that Rhona is finally getting the support from her loved ones that she needs:

And we can all take comfort in knowing that Pierce WILL eventually get his comeuppance.

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Speaking at a recent press event, show boss Iain MacLeod revealed that “Rhona will ultimately see through the course of action she started” and “we will follow the story through the due legal process”.

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