Emmerdale: TWO major characters killed off this week?

There's an explosive start to the new year in the Yorkshire village

There is no holding back in ITV soap Emmerdale this week as they welcome the new year in with a bang.

Not only will it be an explosive start to 2017, it could also see the end of two major characters.

It all starts with a woman scorned. Well, sort of.

Feisty Kerry Wyatt is not a happy bunny after Cain Dingle restricted her access to grandson Kyle.

So, a spot of revenge is on the cards to teach Cain a lesson.

This is given a kick up the jacksie by the scheming Charity, who herself has been recently dumped by Cain.

Spiking Kerry’s drinks, she sets her off on a path of retribution, which could have fatal consequences.

Arson is the name of the game as Kerry decides to set Cain’s caravan on fire.

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The only problem is that Zak Dingle could be inside, sleeping off a heavy cold.

Zak’s ex-wife Lisa is the first on the scene and tries to dowse the flames with water in a desperate attempt to save her former husband.

Is it too late to save Zak or will Lisa put herself in grave danger trying to save him?

Speaking to the Mirror Online, Laura Norton, who plays Kerry, revealed: “Kerry doesn’t think it’s going to get as out of hand as it does.

“It’s a tatty old caravan, and she’s convinced there’s nobody in it. She doesn’t think she’s causing any harm, but it just escalates and gets out of hand.

“Before Kerry knows it, she’s back and Charity says ‘Did you check’, and Kerry is like ‘It’s fine, I checked Cain wasn’t there’, and she says ‘No, I wasn’t talking about Cain, I’m talking about Zak.’

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“Then there’s a huge, terrible panic. I’ve just filmed those scenes this morning actually.

“That horror and terror of what have I actually done? Kerry hasn’t thought of the consequences again. She hasn’t even realized about the drink, she hasn’t questioned it, even though she’s felt more and more drunk, she’s just gone with it.

“It’s a very sobering moment I think where Kerry thinks this literally could be the end of everything now.”

If that isn’t bad enough, Kerry herself then has a turn and collapses after feeling unwell because of her diabetes.

Grandson Kyle raises the alarm and Dan goes looking for Kerry. Will he get to her in time before she falls into a coma?

Laura added: “The village is freezing on a summer’s day, it’s got it’s own climate.

“But no, it’s very, very serious this, Kerry has run herself down. This time she actually could die…”