Emmerdale TIME TWIST: Did Rhona and Paddy crash into Robron’s car?

Fans speculate the outcome of Time Twist week

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Emmerdale’s ‘Time Twist’ week is proving to be a very tense affair.

It started on Monday evening with Aaron and Robert trying to deal with Lachlan after Aaron bundled him into the boot of his car in a fit of rage.

This ended with Robron crashing their car as Robert made a marriage proposal to his shocked lover. Could they be dead as a result?!

But if you thought that was tense, it was nothing compared to the ending of Tuesday’s episode, dedicate to the Paddy/Pierce/Rhona saga.

With Paddy and Rhona in pursuit of Pierce, it all ends abruptly as the pair seemingly crash into an already stricken vehicle.

The premise of ‘Time Twist’ week is that each day, the episode will focus on the same 24 hours, from the point of view of different characters.

At the end of the week, at least one of the characters will have been killed off.

With this in mind, viewers are now turning detective to try and piece together who will be the victim (victims?) in this Emmerdale spectacular.

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The majority of viewers on Twitter seem to think that it is Aaron’s car that is on its roof as the clip fades to black.

Not only that though, fans believe it could be Rhona that kicks the bucket after the horror smash.

The official Emmerdale Twitter account fanned the flames that it was Rhona that might have paid the ultimate price in the car crash.

There was speculation that the upturned car was actually not one of the aforementioned and was being driven by another character completely.

Barton brothers Ross and Finn then became the focus, though this seems a rather far-fetched storyline, even for a soap!

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One of the more popular fan theories involves the village vicar, Ashley Thomas.

He will be the focus of one of the episodes, as his dementia takes a dramatic turn for the worse.

Could it be that it actually has fatal consequences?

There is support on Twitter that this could be the case as eagle-eyed viewers believe that it is actually Ashley’s blue Ford Focus that is in bits on the road.

All this and not even the mention of Pierce, who Paddy and Rhona were following before he put his foot down.

Will Emmerdale ultimately trump us all with a shocking reveal that will leave viewers stunned?