Emmerdale: The end for Emma?

She's on the list for potential victims of stabbing this week

Another week, another set of dramas in the soaps.

This time Emmerdale.

Aside from Pierce looking like he might get away with rape and Lawrence being accused of being a murderer, it looks like someone’s time might be up in the Dales.

It’s a busy week in the Dales for Lawrence (Credit: ITV)

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Yes, another character looks set to bite the dust!

Gosh, and we thought country life was supposed to be calm.

Later this week a character is going to be killed -or at least fighting for their lives after being viciously stabbed.

According to telly insiders, the ongoing spat between Robert Sugden, Aaron Dingle and Ross Barton intensifies.

In an upcoming episode Robert discovers that Ross and Finn have been hiding a drugs farm and as he and Aaron nab loads of weed and set about destroying the farm, they are disturbed in the process.

This interruption leads to a fight, which then results in someone getting stabbed.

As yet we’re not sure who appears on the scene and gets it. But these are the rumoured folks who could be meeting their maker.

Will Ross meet his maker? (Credit: ITV)

Among the potential victims, we have Ross Barton, who has been having a beef with the boys for some time, but we reckon that that’s to obvious and as far as we know actor Michael Parr isn’t going anywhere.

Surely Robron have been through enough? (Credit: ITV)

Then there’s Robert and Aaron, but as they’ve  been through so many scrapes recently we reckon the scriptwriters are going to leave them well alone.

Then there’s Pete Barton, who is the fella who wanted to keep out of the whole feud thing. If he got stabbed, it would be a tragic twist as he’d have had nothing to do with any of it and still got caught up in the cross fire. Heartstrings would be pulled.

What about the wicked Emma Barton? It was her car that was shunted off the road by drug dealers who thought was Ross in the vehicle. Could she somehow get involved in the scuffle? We reckon she’s the sure fire bet as actress Gillian Kearney IS leaving.

Okay, Emmerdale claim she’s sticking around till autumn, but that could be a fib to put us all off the scent.

However, how would viewers feel if she carked it without being exposed as the wicked killer we all know her to be?

Hmmm… We think she’ll end up in a coma for a few weeks and then get back to normal before being exposed as the evil minx she is.

Could Cain be the victim of the stabbing? (Credit: ITV)

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But there are lots of other characters who could be caught up in the spat – such as Cain Dingle, Rebecca White or vicar Harriet Finch.

Any of them could stumble into the action and get stabbed.

After all, it’s Emmerdale, so who knows what the writers have got up their sleeves for one of the characters?

It’s sure got us guessing and itching to tune in, though!

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