Emmerdale storyline so brutal it’s compared to The Walking Dead!

The episode was pretty violent...

We’re still in shock after recent occurrences in Emmerdale – and it looks like fans of the soap are too.

Emmerdale aka Fight Club 2, has been compared to The Walking Dead following a super violent episode.

The ITV soap featured three punch-ups in less than 30 minutes on Tuesday night’s episode.

The first fight saw Zak Dingle hit Jermaine after mistakenly accusing him of flirting with someone else behind Belle’s back.

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Later on in the episode, Ross and Dan had a face off for the first time since Dan found out about his fling with Kerry.

“You could act like a decent human being for a change,” Dan said.

“Aren’t you ashamed at what you’ve done, ruining my life for a bet?”

Ross really wasn’t sorry at all, and got himself a huge fist to the face.

Later on in the episode Ross got sweet revenge and  knocked him clean out with a punch, then woke him up by pouring water on his face.

The scenes shocked a lot of viewers who took to social media to share their reactions.

One said: “It’s like the walking dead or something…”

Other users also compared it to the zombie apocalypse series…

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Another added: “Three people have thrown punches in 20 minutes on Emmerdale. This s*** is more violent than this week’s Walking Dead”

Luckily, there were no complaints from viewers to the broadcaster.

The writers of Emmerdale have definitely been watching the hit US TV show…