Emmerdale star reveals consequences as Maya’s grooming is FINALLY discovered

She'll face "unbelievable fury"

It’s a matter of DAYS before Maya Stepney is finally exposed for having sexual relations with teenager Jacob Gallagher.

Emmerdale fans have been begging for the storyline to end, after becoming sickened by the scenes of a sexual nature between teacher Maya and her pupil.

Maya and Jacob kissing Emmerdale sex
It’s nearly over folks… (Credit: ITV)

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And now we know that upcoming episodes next week will show Maya being uncovered during the climactic ‘Big Night Out’ story arc.

About time, too!

While we don’t yet know HOW they are discovered or by WHO, spoilers tell us that Maya and Jacob are found out during a fire alarm at a nightclub in Hotten.

David and Tracy share a kiss during the eventful night (Credit: ITV)

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Actress Amy Walsh, who plays Tracy Metcalfe, has told Digital Spy how her character reacts to the horrible truth.

While David goes to the nightclub planning to propose to Maya, he ends up kissing ex-wife Tracy instead – and that’s even before Maya’s dirty secret is uncovered.

Amy says: “Maya is caught with Jacob by one of the girls and news travels fast.

“Initially, they don’t believe as a group what’s been seen is the truth… Not that one of us is lying, but that there must be some explanation.”

The Big Night Out episode will end badly for several Emmerdale residents (Credit: ITV)

She continues: “As soon as they realise what’s happening, they want to get Maya on her own and hear the truth. It gets a bit crazy and I can’t say too much more.”

Amy goes on to say that Tracy will feel “completely duped” by Maya’s lies, and left “hurt, upset and baffled” by the news.

Meanwhile, actress Louisa Clein also told the website that Maya will face an “unbelievable fury” when she is caught out.

Maya is left bloodied and broken after the night out, but who hurt her? (Credit: ITV)

She said: “One of the girls catches Maya and Jacob and goes and tells the others. The reaction of the girls is one of complete and utter shock, then comes an unbelievable fury.

“There is also the sense of guilt that they have let Jacob down, that they’ve been played by Maya.”

Claiming her character genuinely believed she and Jacob “would live happily ever after” once she was no longer his teacher, Louisa went on to say that “the reality of it all coming out triggers pure fear, panic and self-defence”.

Viewers have watched in horror ever since Maya began grooming her boyfriend’s son Jacob last year.

The pair shared several kisses, until Jacob turned 16 and then they eventually had full sexual intercourse.

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