Emmerdale star admits he’s upset after being dropped from soap

He didn't want to be written out

Poor Emmerdale actor John Bowe has – off-the-record – confirmed that his character Lawrence WILL be leaving the soap soon.

And he’s jolly well upset about it.

Seemingly the decision for his departure was not his.

Actor John Bowe claims it was not his decision to leave Lawrence behind him (Credit: ITV)

The veteran thespian let this little nugget of information slip during an exchange on Twitter.

He was responding to a post from voice-over artist Kate Harbour, who hinted at some stumbling blocks in her career.

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She typed: “Thankfully even though a few drs hve closed recently 1 has just miraculously flung itself open + is inviting me in.#actorslife#whoknew yay!” [sic]

John wrote: “Good luck, Kate. I’m still reeling from the door that’s just been slammed in my face. I shall get up, dust myself down, etc. #actorslife”

In another post, John spoke about how he is going to miss his colleagues, especially Eric Pollard actor, Chris Chitwell.

There has been no announcement from Emmerdale about Lawrence’s exit, so these comments came as a shock to his soap fan followers.

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One exclaimed: “Wait, you’re leaving?!”

The actor then replied: “Not my decision #actorslife.”

Lawrence was left fighting for his life after being shot by Lachlan (Credit: ITV)

Recent reports have, however, suggested that the Home Farm owner will be murdered by grandson Lachlan, who is not long out of prison after shooting him!