Emmerdale Spoilers: New arrival brings fresh affair accusations

Zak was born with a wandering eye

Love sometimes doesn’t run smooth and it seems that Zak and Lisa Dingle’s reunion in Emmerdale will be hitting another rocky patch.

Who would’ve thought the the white beard and flat cap combo would be such a ladykiller?

Lisa (Jane Cox) is going to going to get the pangs of jealousy again.

The arrival of Faith back in the village, is going to put a strain on their relationship.

She is an old flame of Zak who had an affair many years ago. At the time, she was married to Shadrach – who was Zak’s brother – and the fruit of the extra-marital coupling was Cain.

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After Faith was discovered hiding in a barn, it looks like she will stir up trouble with Lisa.

Faith will start giving Zak (Steve Halliwell) the eye and after he strayed and took up with Joanie Wright, Lisa is full of mistrust.

Zak wants to show Lisa that he will be faithful from now on.

Faith has other ideas and gives Lisa, reasons to believe that Zak is playing away from home again.

So, there’s trouble in store when the family gathers at The Woolpack for Lisa’s birthday.

Faith decides to turn up and then looks to make a move on the rugged piece of Yorkshire rough, that is Zak Dingle.

Lisa sees red and explodes at this blatant flirting.

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She accuses Zak of having an affair – again – and all this is in front of grandson Kyle and his welfare officer, Linda.

This all happens just at a time when grandson Kyle is looking on with his welfare officer as his future looks to be resolved.

Could Lisa’s assumptions prove costly in their bid to have custody of Kyle?

Has Faith’s reappearance come at the worst possible time?