Emmerdale Spoilers: Is evil Pierce Harris about to be exposed?

Will a blast from the past reveal his true colours and stop Rhona making a big mistake?

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Emmerdale is gearing up for another big wedding next week. But, unlike the much-loved Robron nuptials, no-one really wants to see this one go ahead.

Evil Pierce Harris is set to marry Rhona Goskirk, something fans haven’t been happy about. Pierce has proven himself to be controlling, he’s tried to isolate Rhona from her friends and even filmed a sex tape without her consent.

Rhona’s friend Vanessa Woodfield has been on a mission to get Rhona to see her partner’s true colours and ditch the wedding.

Pierce is putting pressure on Vanessa to leave the village and fans will soon see him grow increasingly unsettled after receiving calls from someone he clearly doesn’t want to talk to.

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As Vanessa and Rhona finally make up, Pierce seems to be planning a move for him and his fiancee to the Lake District, when he meets up with an old uni friend. But is everything as it seems? We’re guessing, not so much.

When Vanessa clocks his friend passing him a note (what is this? Middle school?) it’s clear something else is going on. She’s furious when she reads it.

Vanessa plays with fire when she calls the number on the note and arranges a meeting. Who is this mysterious stranger – and could they put a stop to the wedding?

Meanwhile, Rhona has her hen do in the Woolpack but is made uneasy by some questions in a game of truth or dare.

She storms outside before admitting to Nicola King that she isn’t sure about her upcoming wedding. Nicola manages to put her at ease and Rhona is pleased when Pierce dumps his own stag-do to come to the pub. (Errrr. Alarm bells, anyone?)

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It’s not long before Vanessa turns up with the stranger – and Pierce is seriously unimpressed. You could say he’s pretty Pierce-d off.

So, will the wedding go ahead? What will Rhona discover? And has Vanessa put herself in danger? You just DO NOT KNOW with these soap villains.

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