Emmerdale SPOILERS: Emma attacks Moira during explosive funeral

There will be more than tears of sorrow at James's funeral

The memory of James Barton isn’t going to be respected for long as Emma Barton looks to launch into Moira Dingle in an explosive aftermath to the funeral.

The aftermath of the spectacular ‘Time Twist’ week, which culminated in the 12 vehicle pile-up that killed James, will see Emma lash out as the drama in the Dales intensifies.

Moments after laying James to rest, Emma attacks Moira, who is the woman that James declared his love for before his demise.

Stress levels are rising in Emma as she feels the pressure of Ashley possibly remembering what happened on the day of the crash.

Ashley may be suffering from dementia but he is having flashbacks of the incident and it could be that he realises that it was Emma that caused the crash.

Emma, who has already had a big hand in bumping off James, is not going to hang around at wait for him to remember it clearly.

She manages to change the subject and confuse Ashley during one conversation but does Ashley finally piece it all together?

As Emma delivers an emotional farewell speech to the gathered mourners in the church, Ashley bursts in and looks like he wants to unburden his mind.

Has Emma reached breaking point?

Will the truth come out or will she look to silence all those that get close to uncovering what happened on the bridge?