Emmerdale SPOILER: Will Robron adopt Rebecca White’s baby?

It's been rumoured that they will be dads

Emmerdale’s Robert Sugden and Aaron Dingle are set to hit the skids this week as Robert confesses to sleeping with Rebecca White.

It’s not going to be a happy time for them as they thrash this out, but with Rebecca deciding to keep the baby she’s carrying, could another solution present itself?

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Robert had previously ordered Rebecca to get an abortion, but she just can’t go through with it, having terminated a pregnancy with Rob once before.

She plans to flee the village and books a ticket to Ibiza, but surely that won’t be the last we see of her?

So just what will Robert and Aaron do about the baby when they find out she’s keeping it?

It wasn’t so long ago that show boss Iain MacLeod revealed he’d love to see Robron become parents.

“I see no reason why not,” he told fans in a Twitter chat. “Aaron bottle feeding a baby would be cute as heck.”

So does that mean they’re going to adopt Rebecca’s child?

We know Robron will be staying together and despite the struggles, they’ll make it through this rough patch. And we even know there will be second wedding for the boys after their first one was interrupted by Faith Dingle’s arrest and ended up not being done legally.

With the baby news not set to break them, Ryan Hawley, who plays Robert, has revealed it will definitely change them.

“It would certainly affect the relationship between Aaron and Robert if a baby were to come out of this,” he explained to “There would be two different tangents, they would be drastically different from each other.”

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We think they’d make brilliant dads – Aaron’s just got to calm down and forgive Robert first. Danny Miller who plays Aaron, also spoke to and said about the big confession:

“Aaron’s history means he’s very hot headed and he acts very quickly and thinks about things later.

“There’s an argument – you can tell that there’s something wrong with your partner and I think that when he comes to admit it, there is almost like a moment of ‘I know what’s coming here’.

“The typical thing would be to punch Robert or hurt himself, but it’s actually a very different outcome from that.

“It’s a more mature Aaron reaction rather than the old person he was.”

A reformed man, Danny also admitted Robert’s actions don’t just have an impact on their relationship, but on Liv Flaherty, Aaron’s sister who they are looking after.

As what they do threatens their “new little family life”, Danny reveals Aaron’s trying to be a “family person, a more mature, grown-up Aaron who says: ‘let’s sit down and talk about it’.

“But by no means is he okay with it!”

So what does the future hold for everyone’s favourite Emmerdale couple? Can they make it through this and come out stronger the other side?