Emmerdale SPOILER: Will Nell ruin Jai’s chances of getting custody?

It looks like Jai's desperation to help Nell might cost him Eliza

Since the mysterious (and hella troubled) Nell Fairfax arrived on the scene, Jai Sharma has been pouring all his energy into helping her.

The newcomer reminds him loads of his ex, Holly Barton, and while he still feels guilty about not doing enough to help her before she died of an overdose, he feels Nell is his second chance.

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Jai’s already offered the stranger a home, a job, a friendship – oh, and a bit of snogging too.

But we still don’t know enough about Nell to be comfortable with her, and now there’s a chance she might hinder Jai’s chances of getting custody of baby Eliza.

Jai and his ex, Megan Macey, are currently at war over the future of their little girl after Eliza went missing.

Megan stupidly left the tot alone in her car and since then, Jai has been in touch with social services about his suitability to be Eliza’s full-time parent. He organises a meeting with them and Megan to talk about Eliza’s future.

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But Jai confesses to Nell that he’s already lost a custody battle before. Nell steps in to comfort him and puts her hand over his, just as Frank snaps a picture. Bearing in mind both Jai and Nell’s history with drugs, this could be a very damning gesture.

At the meeting, Megan gets riled, while Jai is the picture of calm.

But, will Frank’s picture (seamless link, there right??) be the undoing of Jai and wreck his dreams of having his daughter live with him?

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