Emmerdale SPOILER: Will incriminating evidence destroy Rhona’s case?

Photos of a tender moment with Paddy threaten to throw it all Pierce's way

Emmerdale’s Rhona Goskirk faces yet another nightmare next week when it looks like a harmless hug with her ex, Paddy Kirk, might throw her case against Pierce Harris out.

Paddy has just been supporting his ex (credit: ITV)

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Rhona and Paddy shared an innocent cuddle as the vet tried to comfort Rhona. But the police arrive with photos of the moment and warn Rhona that they might back up Pierce’s defence.

Manipulative Pierce has said that Rhona is lying about the rape so she can be with Paddy instead of him.

Rhona is horrified that her chance of seeing Pierce pay for his brutal attack on her might be hindered and orders Paddy to stay away from her.

Paddy has already had to defend his intention to Marlon Dingle, who suspected his friend’s support for Rhona was more than platonic.

Paddy told Marlon he couldn’t be more wrong, and is crushed when he realises he might be responsible for Rhona’s case crumbling.

Has Paddy’s closeness ruined things for Rhona? (credit: ITV)

Elsewhere, Vanessa Woodfield summons the courage to tell Rhona that she’s been called as a witness in the trial.

Rhona reassures her bestie that she trusts her to give evidence, but Vanessa is clearly feeling the pressure as the court case gets nearer.

Pierce is standing trial for rape after he brutally attacked Rhona on their wedding night.

Since then, Rhona has slipped back into her painkiller addiction, but looks to have beaten it after a stint in rehab.

She’s also been stalked by Pierce’s mum, Martha, who broke into Rhona’s house and wrote a creepy message in the mirror.

Rhona also had to deal with the humiliation of the entire village talking about her ordeal when news became public and the police wanted to question villagers.

Zoe Henry, who plays Rhona, said at the time: “People are talking about how nice Pierce is and how sorry they are the marriage is over, and Rhona can’t take it any more and she snaps.

Rhona just wants to see justice done (credit: ITV)

She added: “One of her worst fears has been the dam breaking, and this is it. She’s very emotional and feels anger, shame, embarrassment – it’s a real mountain of tears. She doesn’t want to wait for a reaction so she storms out. Rhona is paranoid and thinks everybody’s talking about her, but in actual fact they’re not.

“Then she bumps into Lisa Dingle who unfortunately has been through something similar. They have a heart-to-heart, and Lisa reassures her and says people care about her and just want wants best.

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“Rhona feels an element of relief that it’s out in the open, but she knows the next battle will be the court case, if and when that happens.”

Now the court case is a certainty, let’s hope Rhona get to see justice served. We’d love to see that smug smile wiped off of Pierce’s face.

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