Emmerdale spoiler: The police come for Emma Barton!

A witness has come forward with significant information...

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Emma Barton is sure to play the grieving widow in coming days and weeks in Emmerdale, as everyone comes to terms with the tragic death of James.

She was last seen sobbing, alongside her boys, as her ex-husband and present lover (never go back!) passed away.

But amidst those tears of sadness must have been some of guilt also.

Guilt, because she killed him after pushing him off a footbridge – and very nearly took several other victims with him.

And relief because, had James survived, he would have been able to tell everyone what she did.

However, it doesn’t look as though Emma will escape justice as the police are quick to pay her a visit.

The mum-of-three is a bag of nerves as detectives begin asking her questions about what she knows and reveal that a witness has come forward with significant evidence.

Who could that witness be? Ashley, as avid viewers will know, briefly saw her on the bridge and appeared to recall something when he came face to face with her in the hospital following his own crash ordeal.

Did someone else see her?

Imagine her terror of sons Pete, Ross and Finn discovering their mother – who abandoned them once – was responsible for them losing their beloved father.

However, as she has already proved, Emma is cunning and manipulative and manages to hide her psychopathy behind the mask of respectability being a caring medical professional brings her.