Emmerdale SPOILER: Bad news for Cain as mystery character arrives

Just who is the visitor camping out in the Dingles' barn?

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Emmerdale loves to keep us guessing and they’re doing just that by introducing a mystery character next week.

Young Sarah Sugden finds the woman locked in the Dingles’ barn after the mysterious stranger tries to pay the family a visit.

But what does she want with the Dingles?

Sarah stumbles across her and seeing that the woman is clearly unwell, the kindhearted little girl wants to help, so she sneaks some food and cough medicines out to her.

They strike up quite the little friendship with young Sarah rather taken with her new friend.

Wanting to help her out even more, Sarah finds herself stealing money from the cafe’s collection box.

But when Sarah’s stealing is exposed, Debbie confronts her daughter about why she did it (well, she is part Dingle, it’s in her blood!) and Sarah’s forced to come clean about who she’s helping.

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Debbie insists Sarah take her to the lady in question, but she’s already gone by the time they get there. Where is she?

It turns out she’s now staying at the B&B, but when Debbie confronts her she suffers a shock collapse.

Paramedics are called and amid the chaos we finally find out who she is. But exactly what is she doing in the Dales?

It’s been reported that whoever she is, her arrival is bad news for Cain Dingle in particular.

Coming so soon after Joanie’s shock death, could it be Amy has come home to stake her claim on her son, Kyle?

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Or is it another relative of Joanie, who wants to take the lad away from the village and bring him up herself?

This person is going to cause shock waves around the place, that’s for sure, but just WHO are they?