Emmerdale SPOILER: Who attacks Aaron?

He's sporting a shiner, and Robert wants to know how he got it

Aaron Dingle returns to Emmerdale after some time away, but it’s not long before he’s sporting a black eye.

As husband Robert Sugden tries to get to the bottom of what’s gone on, he’s also determined to win Aaron back – but is it too late?

Aaron had called time on their relationship after Robert being the daddy to Rebecca White’s baby became all too much and led to the Dingle lad self-harming again.

He fled to Ireland to visit mum, Chas, and sister, Liv, but is now back, albeit in a very strange mood…

Aaron just can’t move forward with Robert (Credit: ITV)

Robert wants to make things work and after a pep talk from his baby mama, vows to fight for his man. However, Aaron’s best mate Adam has other ideas and warns Rob to stay away from Aaron.

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“It wasn’t an easy decision for Aaron to come back to the village,” a Dales insider told Inside Soap. “But as far as Aaron is concerned his return changes nothing between him and Robert.

“He can only rebuild himself if his other half is out of the picture for good.”

An upset Robert decides to do the right thing and move out of the home they shared, but he’s not happy about it, and something tells us he won’t let it lie.

Meanwhile, Adam is being super-protective of Aaron, especially after learning he’d been self-harming again, so is concerned when his scrap yard co-owner tells him he’s off for a business meeting with Zak. What sort of business could they possibly have with Zak?!

Adam tells Robert to steer clear of Aaron (Credit: ITV)

When Aaron is later seen in the Woolpack with a black eye, Robert’s the first one to clock it, and wants to know exactly how he got it.

Has Aaron taken his self-harming to a new level? Has Jason come back and lashed out again? Or has Aaron got into a fight with Zak at their ‘business meeting’?

Or could Robert have got the wrong end of the stick and his estranged other half merely walked into a door?

As Robert tries to get to the bottom of what’s gone on, Adam steps in and tells Rob to back off and give Aaron some space.

Adam makes it clear to Robert he means business (Credit: ITV)

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Robert usually won’t be told that easily, but will he this time?

Does Aaron genuinely want nothing to do with Robert? Can he really fight his feelings for him – he’s failed in the past, what would be so different this time?

Something tells us it’s not the end for these two, but it might take a while for them to make it through this really, really rough patch.