Emmerdale Spoiler: Vanessa to destroy Rhona’s hope of justice against Pierce?

She'll perjure herself in court

The nation’s not been this invested in a soap trial since we wanted to free Deirdre Rachid. And with worries that Emmerdale’s evil rapist Pierce will get away with his crime, everyone around his victim Rhona is desperate to see him go down too – and do anything to help.

Step forward Vanessa.

As Pierce goes to trial for raping his wife next week, Rhona’s friend Vanessa will give evidence but in a bid to help her mate, will perjure herself on the stand.

Evil Pierce takes the stand (insert boo hisses here) (Credit: ITV)

“Vanessa hates Pierce with a passion because she knows what he’s like and she knows he’s guilty,” a show source told the Daily Star.

With you, Vanessa, with you, but still – not perjury…

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“So she does whatever it takes to incriminate him when she appears in court.

“But she gets caught out by the barrister and ends up making things worse.”

Well yes, we did see that coming.

Paddy, being supportive in his bodywarmer (Credit: ITV)

The trial has been made more complicated by Pierce’s mum Martha turning up to try and make Rhona look bad – emptying her pill pots to suggest she’s still hooked on prescription drugs and taking snaps of her hugging mate/ ex Paddy to make it look like they’re getting it on.

It’s also been revealed that Rhona will be weakened on the stand by an awesome lawyer hired by Pierce.

We are slightly distracted by Rhona’s strong fringe game (Credit: ITV)

“Pierce has a very good defence lawyer who utterly annihilates [Rhona],” Zoe Henry, who plays Rhona, told Inside Soap.

“It becomes quite clear that Rhona is losing it, and the jury starts wavering almost immediately.”

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Oh god, this is going to be one of those where we have to yell at the telly, isn’t it?

BUT Rhona will then be seen shouting at Pierce outside the court room, forcing him to admit the truth.

Pierce raped Rhona on their wedding night (Credit: ITV)
Never trust a soap wedding smile (Credit: ITV)

Jonathan Wrather, who plays Pierce also told Inside Soap: “Pierce has never seen Rhona like this – she knocks the wind out of his sails, and he cracks and admits what he did.”

Just admit it in the court room too, Pierce, and save us all a few soap-based heart attacks, yeah?

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