Emmerdale SPOILER: Think Pierce is bad now? We’ve seen nothing yet

He's just getting started, apparently

Fans have been willing Emmerdale’s Rhona Goskirk to see fiancé Pierce Harris for what he really is and leave him for a while now.

But unfortunately it’s only going to get worse as the storyline is set to run until the end of the year.

Rhona’s husband-to-be has become more and more controlling as time goes on. He’s stopped her seeing her friends, alienated her from her old life, and even forced her into having sex with him when she doesn’t want to.

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Rhona has stuck with him so far, giving into his demands and trying to appease him at every turn.

But one person who doesn’t trust him a jot is Rhona’s best friend Vanessa Woodfield. Pierce knows Vanessa’s a threat to him so has done everything in his power to stop the women hanging out.

He threatened Vanessa, and her son Johnny, and has managed to drive a huge wedge between her and Rhona after setting it up to look like Vanessa was watching his and Rhona’s sex tape.

However, despite Vanessa desperately trying to get other people to see his true colours, she’s so far not having much luck.

And when she saw Pierce watching the x-rated video himself, even though he’d told Rhona he’d deleted it, Vanessa became more determined than ever to expose Pierce for who he really is.

He always seems to have the upper hand though, will he get away with it again?

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We’ve previously been told to watch out for a huge peak in the storyline in springtime – convenient given that’s when Pierce and Rhona’s wedding is planned for…

“Rhona and Pierce will continue to escalate and deteriorate,” show producer Iain MacLeod said at an Emmerdale press event. “His behaviour gets more and more dark and manipulative.

“There’s a really huge story for them that will run right up to the end of the year.”

The end of the year? That’s AGES away.

Speaking to Digital Spy, Iain said: “We’ve taken our time and let that story develop slowly and it reaches a peak in April/May time.

“It’s doesn’t come to an end there, but there’s a big story explosion then.

“The episodes are heart-stoppingly dramatic – quite a tough watch, but an unbelievably big talking point heading into the summer.”

We’re not sure we can take much more of Pierce’s bad behaviour.