Emmerdale SPOILER: Tears at Ashley’s funeral

We're not sure we can cope

We’ve got more than one box of tissues at the ready for Emmerdale’s heartbreaking goodbye to Ashley Thomas.

The dementia-sufferer will pass away at the end of this week and his funeral will take place next week.

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His condition has been getting worse for a while and now the doctors have told Laurel there’s nothing more that can be done.

Once she gets him home for his final farewells, he’s surrounded by the people that he loves as he passes.

But as if those scenes aren’t hard enough to watch, we’re set for more upset as the show screens a special episode for his funeral.

Laurel is finding the whole thing very difficult as she prepares to say goodbye to her husband, but the kids are also struggling.

Gabby is angry she didn’t get any alone time with her dad before he died, and is taking it out on Bernice.

Meanwhile, although Arthur’s trying to be brave, when he steps up to read a poem in the graveyard, it’s all too much for him and he runs away.

Harriet is also finding things hard, faltering over her speech at the service and kicking herself for letting Ashley down.

Speaking to, producer Iain MacLeod explained that the funeral is “every bit as quirky as that special Ashley episode we did.

“It’s as experimental as that, but in a different way that will be really special and will probably be talked about for quite some time to come.

“The story has been so well written and so well played that I’d be hard pressed to find anything that we would have done differently.”

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The storyline has been so moving and brilliantly portrayed, we have no doubt the climax will be equally as heartwarming and heartbreaking.

While we’re not ready to say goodbye to Ashley either, we hope Laurel and the family can pull together and stay strong.