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Emmerdale SPOILER: Soap will air special flashback scenes for a life-changing night out

Multiple characters will be involved

Emmerdale are planning another special flashback episode, they have announced.

The news comes just nine months after Charity Dingle’s abusive past was explored in the same way.

Charity's past as a child prostitute was revisited in flashback scenes (Credit: ITV)
Charity’s past as a child prostitute was revisited in flashback scenes (Credit: ITV)

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Last May, a landmark hour-long episode explored the horrors Charity suffered as a teen, and featured young actress Mica Proctor as the vulnerable grooming victim.

Now the ITV soap are planning another unique episode which will use flashbacks to revisit one particular eventful night.

The scenes, which will air in the Spring, will feature numerous characters including Jacob Gallagher (Joe-Warren Plant), Maya Stepney (Louisa Clein), David Metcalfe (Matthew Wolfenden) and others.

Jacob plays gooseberry to Maya and David
Could the events centre around Maya’s undoing? (Credit: ITV)

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Producer Kate Brooks has teased plans for the non-linear storytelling, saying it will happen around April or May, and will include several residents.

The drama will centre around a “night out” in which something happens that severely affects those involved.

She told The Irish Sun: “A big night out, which we will tell in a very interesting, fresh way. That’s really good.

“It’s a night out for some of our characters, and we’ll find out a week later what’s gone on in that night out in a series of flashbacks.”

Maya and Jacob emmerdale
Jacob and Maya will be involved in the flashback episodes (Credit: ITV)

She continued: “Ostensibly it’s ‘hey, Emmerdale are out having fun in a club’. But then it will be revealed that it will change some of our characters’ lives for good.

“There’s a lot of drama involved in that night and, because we’re Emmerdale, we’re telling it in a kind of different way.”

Viewers know that Jacob, Maya and David are currently involved in a disturbing grooming storyline, in which Maya has taken advantage of schoolboy Jacob.

Also involved in the new plot will be David’s ex Tracy Metcalfe, Rhona Goskirk, brothers Billy Fletcher and Ellis Chapman, Robert Sugden, Aaron Dingle, Victoria Sugden, Leyla Harding and the returning Amy Wyatt.

Billy and Tracy will also be present on the 'big night out' (Credit: ITV)
Billy and Tracy will also be present on the ‘big night out’ (Credit: ITV)

Fans shared their excitement about the upcoming storyline on Twitter, however some feared this meant the Maya grooming plot will continue for several more months.

One said: “Although I’m looking forward to these episodes, does that mean the Jacob/Maya storyline is gonna continue for another few months yet? Gimme strength!”

Another said: “Maya into May, give us all strength to continue… They keep this storyline and others, like Joe Tate, running for months but #robron get the start, stop and drop storylines… Very frustrating!!”

Some fans even began speculating that Maya will DIE in the episode, with one saying: “Maya is involved and lives will change for good?? Maya die challenge.”

“Who killed Maya episode, but they all say it was them in an awesome Spartacus moment so nobody gets charged,” suggested another.

Sometimes we think the viewers could be the scriptwriters…

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