Emmerdale SPOILER: Ross rejects Rebecca’s offer

Things aren't going well for them

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With Ross Barton in the know about Rebecca White’s real baby daddy, now’s probably not the best time to get her involved in a business deal.

But Finn Barton doesn’t know anything about the Rebecca/Robert/Ross love triangle so he approaches Rebecca to save the Bartons’ failing firm.

While Finn’s been off in Australia, getting over his, shall we say ‘issues’ after the whole Kasim stalker stuff, Pete and Ross have been struggling to run the business side of the business.

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With debts mounting up and a lack of fares coming in, they need a cash injection into the flagging venture – and fast.

When Finn returns and finds out what’s been going on and how they’ve almost run the business into the ground, he decides Rebecca is the perfect person to invest and get them back on track.

She’s pretty keen to contribute and offers them the cash straight away, leaving Finn pleased that he’s saved their skin.

But Ross isn’t happy. He’s been having relations with Rebecca and until recently thought he’d got her pregnant. But then he saw her at the abortion clinic with Robert Sugden and realised Rob was the dad, so started blackmailing him to keep quiet.

Given the boys are still desperate for money, it doesn’t look like his underhand tactics have paid off.

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Furious Ross quickly rejects Rebecca’s investment and forces his brothers to ask aunt Moira for help instead.

But is Ross fed up of the taxi business altogether? Does he want his share of the business back so he can go it alone?

Will he tell his siblings exactly why he doesn’t want anything to do with Rebecca?

Or will they end up accepting her investment, throwing her and Ross together once again in the process?