Emmerdale SPOILER: Ross is beaten up, but will it lead him back to Debbie?

It's about time these two stopped fighting their feelings for each other

We all know Emmerdale’s Debbie Dingle still loves Ross Barton and he still loves her.

Even Debbie knows it deep down, but you can’t really blame her for not wanting to admit it after all he’s done.

Debbie had originally left the Dales when she discovered Ross’s part in Robert Sugden’s shooting. And since she’s been back (after actress Charley Webb’s maternity leave ended), she has wanted nothing to do with him.

But that doesn’t mean she likes seeing him with anyone else and when she spotted him getting jiggy with Chrissie White’s mate, Jools, that little green-eyed monster reared its ugly head.

Debbie wasn’t impressed to catch Ross with Jools (Credit: ITV)

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And despite Ross insisting Jools was just a one off, the older lady in questions continues to foil any chance he might have of a reconciliation with Deb when she makes her presence felt again.

She turns up and Ross persuades her to hire out the Woolpack for a party for her teenage daughter.

Debbie’s not overly impressed with the idea, but relents and agrees it can happen once Ross goes above and beyond to prove he’s a changed man.

Ross is determined to win Debbie over (Credit: ITV)

But he’s clearly not that changed when he starts playing games with Deb as the party gets underway. He starts making her jealous by flirting with Jools, who’s dressed to kill in a tight red frock.

However, Debbie’s distracted by Faith’s idea to sell booze to the underage kids in the toilet! As the drunk teenagers are stumbling round the pub, a furious Deb is desperately trying to deal with them, so is completely ignoring Ross getting passionate with Jools.

Jools wants to stop anything dramatic happening (Credit: ITV)

And that’s when Jools’ husband Roger walks in and catches her with Ross.

Too late. Tempers are already flared (Credit: ITV)

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Insisting the Barton boy step outside, Roger dishes out a beating that leaves Ross in agony – what’s happened to him? No one used to mess with Ross and now everyone’s beating him up!

Ross used to be hard (Credit: ITV)

Funny thing is, it actually works in Ross’s favour as Debbie is the one who tends to his wounds.

As she dishes out tea and sympathy it’s totally obvious their old spark is still there. Will she finally go for it and let him back into her life?