Emmerdale boss reveals GOOD NEWS for Robron’s relationship…

Robert's infidelity won't be the end of him and Aaron

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Ever since Robert Sugden cheated on Aaron Dingle, we’ve been fearful the pair’s marriage was doomed.

But now producer Iain MacLeod has assured us they will make it and we shouldn’t give up on them just yet.

It was a rocky start to married life (to say the least) after their wedding was gatecrashed by the police arresting Faith, and they ended up sharing vows in a barn in private.

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No sooner had they said ‘I do’ than Aaron was sentenced to a year in prison for his assault on Kasim and the boys were torn apart.

While Aaron’s been inside, he’s been subjected to homophobic abuse, turned to drugs to help cope, and generally struggled to come to terms with his fate.

Meanwhile on the outside, Robert has also been finding things hard and after Aaron told him they were done during one particularly fraught visit, he went home and got drunk. He then trashed the house and slept with Rebecca White.

He’s terrified the truth about his one-night stand will come out and destroy Aaron, especially with Aaron due for early release following his successful appeal.

The Dingle lad comes back to the village tonight and it’s clear he’s finding life on the outside equally as tough, as she suffers a panic attack at his welcome home party. Robert’s even more determined than ever to make sure his secret stays safe.

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And, if we’re honest, we’d quite like it to be kept quiet too – we really don’t want to see Aaron and Robert split up after all they’ve gone through to get together.

But with rumours circulating that Rebecca’s going to be pregnant with Robert’s baby, and also that Ross might find out and start blackmailing Robert over it, we don’t think we’re going to get our wish.

However, Iain has reassured everyone it doesn’t mean it’s the end for the boys as a couple.

“There will be more bumps, thrills and spills along the way,” he revealed to

“But my view is that they individually and collectively meant the vows that they said in that wedding episode but it’s never going to be a straight road with those guys.

“It’s going to be bumpy and tricky but ultimately they will definitely make it out the other side.”

Does that mean Aaron will find it in him to forgive Robert for his indiscretion?

Their relationship is never going to be drama free, but we much prefer it when they stand firm together and deal with things as a team.