Emmerdale SPOILER: Robron wedding THIS MONTH

Ryan Hawley's taken to social media to tease us some more

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It’s the Emmerdale wedding of the year and it looks like we finally have a date for it – Aaron Dingle and Robert Sugden will be marrying this month.

In a special video released on Emmerdale’s official Instagram page, Ryan Hawley, aka Robert, told fans February would be a “big month” for him and promised them “some really exciting stuff”.

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That HAS to mean Robron’s nuptials are this month, right?

It’s the biggest hint yet that the ceremony is set to take place sooner rather than later, after last month’s video in which Ryan teased he was filming a wedding, without revealing exactly whose wedding it was.

So what do we know so far? Well, they DEFINITELY make it down the aisle, but do they say ‘I do’?

Appearing on Lorraine shortly before last month’s National Television Awards to talk about the future of Robron, Danny Miller, aka Aaron, revealed:

“It’s open. We have to throw in twists and turns or it would be too simple.”

What does that mean?

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He later revealed in a red carpet interview with Digital Spy that the wedding would go ahead, but there would be misery for Aaron not long afterwards. Surely divorce isn’t on the cards so soon?!

Speaking at a press conference last year, Emmerdale producer Iain MacLeod revealed details of their day: “It is big emotionally.

“In keeping with their characters, I don’t think anybody is expecting dancing girls and show tunes. It’s quite raw and honest, and it has got a healthy dose of Dingle craziness at the heart of it that threatens to derail things.

After everything they’ve already been through, and with Aaron facing a possible prison sentence for his assault on Kasim, things may not be all smiles for the boys.

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But with rumours of parenthood also in the mix, after Iain confirmed Aaron “bottle-feeding a baby would be cute as heck”, maybe they will get a happy ending after all?

We hope so!

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