Emmerdale SPOILER: Robron wedding cancelled?

Robron to split? Please don't let it be true!

Emmerdale’s Danny Miller has revealed Aaron Dingle and Robert Sugden’s wedding could be called off before the boys make it down the aisle.

Fans were deliriously happy when the boys got engaged and it’s been all go with wedding talk recently as they discussed the possibility of going to Las Vegas.

Chas wasn’t happy at her son’s plans to elope, but now it seems as well as Vegas being off the table, the whole wedding might be called off.

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Appearing on Lorraine to talk about the future of Robron, Danny revealed:

“It’s open. We have to throw in twists and turns or it would be too simple.”

What does that mean? Does that mean the wedding won’t go ahead at all? Will there be obstacles that stop them even getting to the big day?

Last week, Ryan Hawley, aka Robert, took to Emmerdale’s Twitter page with a short video, all suited and booted to reveal he was filming a wedding.

But he only says “a wedding” not his wedding – could it be for someone else?

Fortunately, during Danny’s interview on Lorraine he did reveal one tiny detail:

“The cake is beautiful,” he said.

So if there’s a cake, surely there’s got to be a wedding? That’s just logical thinking, right?

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Danny and his cast mates were celebrating last night after Emmerdale bagged the top gong at the National Television Awards, Best Serial Drama.

The actor tweeted this morning:

Congratulations to Emmerdale!

Now, please let Aaron and Robert have their happy ending. Please!

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