Emmerdale SPOILER: Robert’s revenge leads to a horror stabbing

Things have gone way too far now

Robert Sugden’s revenge plot against Ross Barton goes dreadfully wrong when someone is caught in the crossfire.

As the boys go head to head getting one up on the other, the consequences are huge when someone ends up getting stabbed.

It all started when Ross started blackmailing Robert over his one-night stand with Rebecca White that resulted in her pregnancy.

Robert and Rebecca’s hook up started all this (Credit: ITV)

Robert has subsequently come clean to Aaron and they’ve decided to move forward with their relationship, but Robert’s still not happy with Ross’s attempts to get one over on him, so has decided to get his own back.

Robert decides to stick the knife in by getting hold of Ross’s taxi and crushing it at Aaron’s scrapyard.

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Ross can’t believe his car’s been crushed (Credit: ITV)

Ross then gets his own back by nicking Robert’s car and trying to blackmail Aaron and Robert into buying him a new taxi.

But things backfire on poor Ross again when Aaron and Robert see the Barton brothers loading sacks full of cannabis into their mum Emma’s car.

The boys’ cannabis discovery is their only hope of making ends meet (Credit: ITV)

Robert jumps in the car and makes off with the stash, leaving Ross and Finn completely high and dry – especially when the drug dealers come knocking.

The only problem is, it’s weedy Finn who’s left to face them as Ross has rushed off to confront Robert again.

While Ross finds Robert and Aaron in a field burning the cannabis, poor Finn’s left at the mercy of the dealers who want their gear back.

The dealers kidnap Finn (Credit: ITV)

As the thugs bundle Finn into their car and head off to find Ross, they spot Emma’s car on the road and assume that it must be him.

The dealers then launch an attack on the driver – but it’s not Ross at the wheel.

Forcing them out of the car and stabbing them, someone is left fighting for their life.

It all gets too violent as someone is left fighting for their lives (Credit: ITV)

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Has Robert’s revenge resulted in him or Aaron being attacked?

Or has the car been taken by someone else? Did Emma come and retrieve it? Is she the unlucky victim?

Could third brother Pete have been involved somehow? Or a member of the Sugden or Dingle clan helping out Aaron and Robert?

Will the victim survive? And will it put an end to the silly nonsense between Robert and Ross for good?