Emmerdale SPOILER: Robert rushed to hospital as Aaron returns

He's drowning his sorrows since Aaron ended their 'ship

Uh-oh, Robert Sugden is about to hit the bottle again in Emmerdale. And we know how well that worked out for him last time, right?

Victoria throws Robert out on his ear, while a delighted Chrissie and Rebecca look on (credit: ITV)

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Poor Rob’s been a wreck since Aaron Dingle handed him back his wedding ring and went off to clear his head.

Heart-broken Robert causes a scene in the Woolpack after a few too many next week, and Victoria decides it’s time to show him some tough love, dragging him out of the pub by his ear.

But she clearly doesn’t realise just how much Robert’s had to drink as back at home, he takes a tumble down the stairs.

Luckily, Rebecca White finds Robert at the bottom of the stairs. This time she doesn’t take advantage of her drunken state and calls an ambulance.

Robert’s fling with Rebecca happened last time he got fall-down drunk (credit: ITV)

Robert’s rushed to hospital where his injuries are treated. He’s soon released, complete with a pair of crutches.

But instead of being pleased about his brush with death, Robert breaks down in front of Rebecca, apologising for what he’s put her through.

Later in the week, Robert hears that Aaron is coming back the next day. Will the news lift Robert out of his misery and make him try to win Aaron back?

And has Aaron’s time away from the village cleared his head enough to see that he can live with the Rebecca situation after all?

Aaron ended things with Robert earlier this week (credit: ITV)

Just in case you’ve been living like a hermit (or just don’t watch Emmerdale that much), the last time Robert got wasted, he ended up sleeping with his ex-fling, Rebecca.

At the time, Aaron was in prison, serving time for an attack on Kasim Sabet. He was struggling being locked up and turned to drugs inside.

Robert couldn’t handle seeing Aaron like that and got hammered one night, before calling Rebecca and sleeping with her.

The hook-up resulted in Rebecca getting pregnant and despite Robert pleading with her and then trying to blackmail her into having an abortion, she decided to keep the baby.

Aaron couldn’t cope with Rebecca and the reminder of Robert’s infidelity in his face and called time on their marriage in heart-breaking scenes earlier this week.

Needless to say Robron fans were NOT happy about the latest twist in the tale and flooded Twitter with messages of anger.

All we really want is a bit more of this (credit: ITV)

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Better hurry up and get the boys back together, Emmerdale bosses. You don’t want to face the wrath of the Robron army for too long.

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