Emmerdale SPOILER: Robert confesses all to Aaron

Can Aaron forgive him?

We knew Robert Sugden’s illicit night with Rebecca White couldn’t stay a secret for long.

As Robert and husband Aaron Dingle return from a few weeks away and move into their new home together, the first night doesn’t go exactly to plan when Robert decides he can’t live with the guilt any longer and he needs to confess what he did.

Robert realises he has to confess (Credit: ITV)

While Aaron was locked up in prison, Robert was hurting and alone after Aaron ended things with him, so turned to Rebecca for comfort.

It’s no excuse, but they spent a drunken night together and now Rebecca is pregnant with Robert’s baby.

Robert decides to do the right thing as the prospect of someone else telling his husband becomes too great. Ross Barton knows everything and is blackmailing Robert, so he knows he has to come clean before Ross spills the beans.

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Ross is blackmailing Robert (Credit: ITV)

“Robert realises that it’s time to own up to what he’s done,” Ryan Hawley, who plays him, explained to Inside Soap magazine. “If he cares so much about Aaron, he should be honest with him and tell him what happened.

“Then the decision is with Aaron as to whether he wants to be with him. Robert needs to face the consequences.”

As the boys settle down for the first night in their new home together, it’s then that Robert bites the bullet and admits everything to a shocked Aaron.

The boys are getting intimate when Robert decides to confess (Credit: ITV)

“There’s a moment between them when they are being intimate, and it all just comes tumbling out.

“Robert is emotional and says: ‘I need to tell you something’ and there’s quite a long row between them.

“Robert tries to justify why he did it. He’s hoping for some kind of understanding from Aaron.”

As Aaron struggles to process what he’s being told, the audience would usually expect him to lash out and hurt either Robert, someone else or even himself.

Robert wants Aaron to understand his reasons (Credit: ITV)

But Danny Miller, who plays Aaron, told that we see a different side to his character as the truth is finally revealed.

“Aaron’s history means he’s very hot headed and he acts very quickly and thinks about things later.

“There’s an argument – you can tell that there’s something wrong with your partner and I think that’s when he comes to admit it, there is almost like a moment of ‘I know what’s coming here’.

“The typical thing would be to punch Robert or hurt himself, but it’s actually a very different outcome from that.

“It’s a more mature Aaron reaction rather than the old person he was.”

A reformed man, Danny also admitted Robert’s actions don’t just have an impact on their relationship, but on Liv Flaherty, Aaron’s sister who they are looking after.

As what they do threatens their “new little family life”, Danny reveals Aaron’s trying to be a “family person, a more mature, grown-up Aaron who says: ‘let’s sit down and talk about it’.

“But by no means is he okay with it!”

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Aaron really struggled while he was in prison (Credit: ITV)

So what does the future hold for everyone’s favourite Emmerdale couple? Can they make it through this and come out stronger the other side?

Show boss Iain MacLeod has already confirmed the pair will make it, but how rocky will it be along the way?

And what will Aaron do when he finds out about that small matter of Rebecca being pregnant with Robert’s child?

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