Emmerdale SPOILER: Rhona reports Pierce to the police

She finds her strength and decides to get justice

It’s the Emmerdale moment we’ve been waiting for: Rhona Goskirk takes back control of her life and reports evil Pierce Harris for his wedding night attack.

She’s been struggling with what happened ever since, even falling back into her painkiller addiction to try and cope.

But even though she went straight to the sexual health referral centre after the rape and gave them all the physical evidence, she couldn’t bring herself to report Pierce.

Rhona reported the rape, but didn’t name her husband as her attacker (Credit: ITV)

The only other person who knows exactly what happened to her, and who did it, is her best mate Vanessa Woodfield.

But Rhona’s ex-husband Paddy Kirk has decided he needs to do something to help Rhona, so he tracks down Pierce and begs him to return to the village, thinking Rhona needs Pierce after her recent painkiller relapse.

Paddy contacts Pierce and practically begs him to come home – what an idiot! (Credit: ITV)

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“Pierce has been lying low somewhere, figuring out his next move,” actor Jonathan Wrather told Inside Soap. “But then Paddy calls to say that Rhona needs him.

“Pierce discovers that she’s been in rehab and taking drugs, and we know he has form for manipulating situations and turning them to his advantage.”

He brazenly turns up at the cottage and acts like everything is normal and nothing happened between them.

Rhona’s not expecting to see Pierce in her kitchen (Credit: ITV)

His behaviour freaks Rhona out as she stands terrified, faced with him in the kitchen.

She doesn’t want him there and after a difficult and draining conversation with her monster ex, she makes a huge decision about what she needs to do next.

“Pierce’s return forces Rhona’s hand,” actress Zoe Henry, aka Rhona, added to Inside Soap. “She realises he’s never going to go away.

“She’s wanted to stuff it all under a matress and forget about it, but when she sees him again, she is absolutely terrified.”

After a threatening conversation, Rhona realises she has no choice but to go to the police (Credit: ITV)

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After being confronted by her biggest fear – Pierce in her house again – Rhona realises there’s only one thing she can do to turn a corner with her life.

She decides she must report him to the police.

“Rhona is safe in the knowledge that she has been to the sexual assault referral centre and they have the evidence that she submitted after the attack,” Zoe explained.

“But for Rhona, going to the police brings a feeling of shame and the possibility that everyone might find out.

“That’s the most excruciating thing – that people will see her as a victim.”

But with Paddy and Marlon surprisingly taking Pierce’s side when he’s taken in for questioning, will Rhona’s decision to report him be something she soon regrets?

Or will Rhona finally come clean to those around her about just what her husband did to her, and make them see Pierce really is no good?