Emmerdale SPOILER: Rhona in crisis as news of her attack spreads

She's worried how people will react

There’s more heartache in store for Rhona Goskirk next week when she learns that the police plan to question her friends in the village about her relationship with Pierce.

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It’s part of their investigation after Rhona bravely reports Pierce for brutally raping her on their wedding night. But Rhona, who has kept the attack private, is worried about the repercussions of it becoming public knowledge.

She confides in her best pal, Vanessa Woodfield – the only person she’s told about the rape so far – that she’s worried people will judge her, or worse – not believe her.

Next week, Rhona is desperately trying to put Pierce behind her and move forward with her life, but it’s not easy. Especially now he’s back in the village, thanks to Paddy’s good intentions.

Paddy, not knowing about the rape, told Pierce about Rhona’s painkiller relapse and convinced him to come back to Emmerdale to ‘help’ her.

Obviously, this was the last thing she needed, but it gave her the courage to finally name him to the police and press charges.

Things get even more complicated for Rhona when her son, Leo, draws a family picture which includes Pierce.

Rhona then has the heartbreaking job of explaining to the little boy that Pierce isn’t coming back.

It’s after this that she receives the news that the police will start questioning the villagers and Rhona realises news about her ordeal will spread.

She really panics that some people’s opinions of her might change, or that they’ll think she’s made the whole thing up.

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Vanessa tries to convince her friend that no one will judge her because she’s done nothing wrong, but will her words help to ease Rhona’s anxiety?

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