Emmerdale SPOILER: Rhona finally fights back against twisted Pierce

But how will he respond?

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It’s the moment we’ve all been waiting for – Rhona Goskirk finally stands up to Pierce Harris and tells him enough is enough.

But with his controlling and manipulative behaviour getting worse and worse, will the torment end there for Rhona?

Fans were left in shock recently when Pierce forced himself on Rhona despite her telling him she wasn’t in the mood.

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Then, after she confessed during an innocent game of truth or dare, that Cain Dingle was her fantasy one-night stand, Pierce decided to show her what real men are made of.

Pinning her to the kitchen floor, he ended up ripping her dress during sex, leaving Rhona unsettled and shaken once again.

So as he continues to push himself on her, Rhona’s discomfort is becoming greater, but with him seemingly unaware that what he’s doing is rape, and her too afraid to speak out, we’re all worried for her safety.

In an upcoming episode the pair are enjoying lunch when Pierce decides he’s in the mood for a spot of afternoon delight.

And as Rhona’s coming to realise only too well, when Pierce is in the mood, she doesn’t really get a say in it.

As the pair start kissing, he forces her up onto the counter top in the kitchen and things start to get rough.

When she hits her head on one of the shelves behind her, it’s the final straw and she tells him she’s had enough of his aggressive sexual behaviour.

Stopped in his tracks, a furious Pierce predictably takes her outburst to heart and starts playing games with her again.

She tries to tell him she still loves him and wants to be with him, but his passive aggressive nature comes out and he snaps at her that he’s going off on an overnight conference.

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As Rhona once again feels like she’s done something wrong, will his manipulation work and leave her afraid to challenge him again?

Or will she realise she was right to speak out and stand up for herself?

Come on Rhona, you’ve made the first step, you can save yourself, we know it.