Emmerdale SPOILER: Rhona confesses everything?

Is she finally going to reveal the truth about what Pierce did to her?

It’s been a horrible few months for Rhona Goskirk, but she’s finally found the strength to leave evil husband Pierce Harris.

Packing up her things, she took her son, Leo away on what was supposed to be her honeymoon, leaving Pierce behind. But as she returns, will she confide in anyone what really happened?

Despite the fact he’s been controlling and manipulative for months, Rhona struggled to see his behaviour for what it really was: abuse.

That all changed on their wedding night when he confronted her about her kiss with ex-husband Paddy and ripped the necklace Paddy had given her off her.

Pierce ripped the necklace off Rhona (Credit: ITV)

As she tried to escape Pierce, he violently dragged her back inside before throwing her to the ground and attacking her. The act was all-the-more chilling when afterwards he told her she had wanted him.

Shaken Rhona managed to escape his clutches and went to the police to report the crime, but stopped sort of giving them Pierce’s name or finishing her official interview.

Rhona couldn’t continue with reporting her attack (Credit: ITV)

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After a confrontation with Pierce when she got back home, she realised she needed to get away, so went off with Leo, and returns next week to face her demons.

She announces to Paddy that her marriage to Pierce is over, but doesn’t tell him exactly what happened between them. She makes him aware Pierce knew about their kiss and didn’t say anything, suggesting his actions were far more twisted.

Worried about his ex, Paddy tells Vanessa Woodfield what’s happened. Vanessa was the only one to see through Pierce and it damaged her friendship with Rhona, but is this what they need to repair it?

Keen to be there for her best friend, Vanessa heads over to see her, but is shocked by the scene she’s greeted with.

Vanessa’s stunned by the state of the cottage (Credit: ITV)

Rhona has smashed up all of the wedding presents and the house is a mess. It’s obvious she’s not coping, and Vanessa is desperate to understand why.

Putting pressure on the vet to reveal exactly what happened and why she’s behaving this way, Vanessa questions her over why she’s ended her marriage before it’s begun.

Will Rhona finally find the strength to confess everything to her mate? And can Vanessa convince her to go back to the police and finish off her statement?

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Vanessa wants Rhona to open up (Credit: ITV)

Talking about it might help her move forward, but that’s easier said than done.

Speaking at a recent press event, show boss Iain MacLeod revealed that “Rhona will ultimately see through the course of action she started” and “we will follow the story through the due legal process.”

But knowing Pierce as we do, he’s not going to make it easy for Rhona to see it through, and his behaviour is only set to continue.

Can Rhona find the courage to persist through her friendships with Paddy, Vanessa and Marlon?