Emmerdale SPOILER: Rhona and Paddy get back together?

Pierce is not going to like it, but he's going to use it

We always knew it was going to be a long process for Rhona to bring evil husband Pierce to justice, but now it seems another spanner is going to be thrown in the works.

As Rhona tries to regain some control over her life, she seems to be growing closer to Paddy again – and that’s not good news for her case.

After Rhona discovered Pierce’s mother was stalking her and making her life even more miserable than her son had, she decided to drop the charges of rape against her husband.

Rhona couldn’t bear Pierce’s arrogance (Credit: ITV)

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But his smug and arrogant demeanour made Rhona think again and she has decided to pursue her case and get him sent down for the wedding day attack.

When he enters a plea of ‘not guilty’ Rhona knows she has even more of a fight on her hands, especially when she learns he plans to use their sex tape against her in court. Not cool, Pierce.

“It was bad enough discovering that he’d lied about [the sex tape], but the idea of it being shown to strangers in evidence makes Rhona sick to her stomach,” a show insider has revealed to Inside Soap.

Needing to focus her attentions somewhere else as the court date approaches, Rhona decides to redecorate the home she until recently shared with Pierce to get him well and truly out of her life.

Paddy is desperate to be there for Rhona, but is he hurting her case? (Credit: ITV)

Paddy and Marlon offer to lend a hand and are there to provide support and comfort to her.

Really wanting to be there for her, Paddy even offers to stay over to make her feel safer and keep her company.

A worn down Rhona is so grateful to have him on her side that she gives him a big hug – and the emotional moment is captured on camera. Who is secretly filming them?

Is Martha up to her old tricks again? Or is Pierce having her followed so he can persuade the jury Rhona was cheating on him with Paddy all along?

Pierce will do anything to avoid going to prison (Credit: ITV)

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And is this a signal that Rhona and Paddy might be getting back together?

Whilst we’re sure love and romance are the last things on Rhona’s mind right now, we really want her to be happy.

Okay, so he started this whole mess off in the first place by cheating with Tess, but we can’t help thinking Paddy is Rhona’s soulmate.