Emmerdale SPOILER: Reunion on the cards for popular couple

But can they make it work this time?

It looks like Emmerdale’s Rakesh Kotecha is about to get his hundredth second chance from wife Priya Sharma.

After all the trouble he’s brought to her doorstep, the disgraced solicitor would be pretty lucky if Priya ever gave him another chance.

But when he stands up for her, she starts to soften towards her estranged other half.

Since their split last year, Rakesh has poured all his efforts into proving to her that he’s not the worthless, thieving criminal she thinks he is.

It’s obvious Priya still loves her man, but so far she just hasn’t been able to bring herself to take him back.

With Nicola King working at the factory now following her discovery about the fire, she continues to wind Priya up.

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Knowing this is his fault, Rakesh wants to help the woman he loves deal with annoying Nicola.

Nicola is being overly assertive and getting people’s backs up, and Rakesh decides enough is enough and it’s time to stand up to her and put her in her place.

Priya is impressed with his efforts and agrees to talk things over later.

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As they have a chat, it’s clear Priya’s thawing towards her ex.

It looks like she’s ready to put the past behind them and move on with a clean slate.

As she makes it clear she wants to try again with their marriage, will Rakesh find a way to mess it up again?