Emmerdale SPOILER: Rebecca’s baby daddy REVEALED

Which potential father is it?

It’s the news none of us were hoping for: Robert Sugden IS the father of Rebecca White’s baby. Or so she claims.

In scenes last night the bombshell that Rebecca is carrying his child was dropped on Robert, but is this going to destroy his marriage to Aaron Dingle?

Viewers will remember Robert and Rebecca slept together while Aaron was in prison. Aaron had kicked his husband out of the visiting room telling him they were over and a devastated Robert was drunk when he came onto his ex-lover.

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Robron thankfully worked things out and were reunited when Aaron was released from jail last week. Although it’s been a hard adjustment for him, having suffered such a difficult time in prison, so Robert has been doing all he can to help him through it.

A happy and romantic picnic got the boys back on track, but when they returned to the village, he overheard Ross Barton confronting Rebecca about her pregnancy, having heard the news from Victoria Sugden.

Robert was stunned and as soon as he was able to get Rebecca alone he accused her of making it all up to split him and Aaron up.

But Rebecca insisted she was telling the truth, and more than that, the baby was definitely Robert’s because she and Ross had used protection.

Devastated Robert is terrified this will end his marriage to Aaron, but Rebecca had no sympathy at all as she told him he should have thought about that before sleeping with someone else. Harsh but true.

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With Robert fearing the worst and Ross set to start blackmailing him when he finds out the truth, the walls are closing in on Mr Sugden. Can he find a way to deal with this mess while keeping his relationship with Aaron on track?

Fans are NOT happy about the revelation the baby is Robert’s, and have expressed their annoyance on Twitter.

But some viewers aren’t convinced all is as it seems – this is Emmerdale, after all!

There’s a whole theory floating round social media that there’s no way Rebecca could possibly know for sure at this early stage – and that she’s making the whole thing up to cause trouble for Robron.

Show boss Iain MacLeod has revealed Robert and Aaron’s relationship will make it, but there are likely to be bumps along the way.

But is this one bump more than they anticipated?