Emmerdale SPOILER: Rebecca reveals the truth to Aaron?

She's set to destroy Robron's big reunion

It’s a joyous occasion when Aaron Dingle is released from prison and returns home to husband Robert Sugden’s arms in Emmerdale.

But could heartbreak be just around the corner as Rebecca White is waiting in the wings to blow their happiness to smithereens.

While Aaron was serving his sentence, the boys both found things tough. And when Aaron was taking drugs, he hit out at Robert telling him he didn’t need him and their marriage was finished.

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Robert went home, got drunk, trashed their house, and fell into Rebecca’s arms. He immediately regretted spending the night with his ex, especially when Chas found out and demanded he tell Aaron.

At the prison, Robert was all ready to confess his sin, but realising how much Aaron needed Rob, Chas ended up covering for her son-in-law, and the secret stayed safe.

Now, Robert just has to keep it that way.

Rebecca has assured Robert the whole incident doesn’t exactly paint her in the best light so she’s keen to keep it under wraps as well, but with Aaron’s release date approaching it’s clear she might be changing her mind about that.

Faith has planned a welcome home party for Aaron, but when he gets out, it’s obvious he’s struggling.

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When Rebecca arrives, Robert’s fearful she’s come to reveal everything and he takes her aside to try and figure out exactly what she’s intending to do.

But when he sees Aaron and Rebecca talking later, Robert fears the worst about what she’s told him. Has she confided their secret hook up?

The get together soon takes its toll on Aaron and sees him fleeing the Woolpack in total panic, with Robert chasing after him, worried it’s because Rebecca’s spilled the beans.

With Aaron still suffering after everything that happened inside, he realises it’s time to come clean to Robert about the true extent of what happened to him in prison.

Robert’s stunned as he discovers what Aaron went through – and feels even more guilty about his betrayal.

Will he come clean himself, determined to start afresh? Or will Rebecca decide to do that for him?

And if Aaron does find out the truth, can he ever forgive his other half?