Emmerdale SPOILER: Rebecca returns, but who will she turn to?

Rebecca's Ibiza trip is short-lived then...

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Robron fans rejoiced when their bitter enemy, Rebecca White, seemingly fled Emmerdale after tragically miscarrying their baby.

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But it seems their joy at Rebecca’s joy departure was short-lived as she returns to the village just this week.

Robron fans know that Bex was preggers with Robert Sugden’s baby  when she left the soap last month, but was considering an abortion.

Will she have gone through with it now, or will we see her still regretting it? She comes back complete with a huge suitcase which leaves us wondering if she’s back for good.

We only saw her flee the village for a miscarriage scare to Ibiza, but she’s back already and declaring she’s going to stay with Victoria.

Robert is predictably uneasy with her return as it puts more pressure on his relationship with the very forgiving Aaron.

Will the pressure be too much for Robron this time?

Fans have recently seen Aaron forgive Robert in scenes where Rob confessed to having cheated on Aaron while the troubled Dingle was in prison.

Aaron struggled with an addiction to the drug Spice and it was all too much for Robert who ended up, drunkenly spending the night with his ex, Rebecca.

But it wasn’t something that could be brushed under the carpet when, just weeks later, Rebecca revealed the encounter had resulted in her pregnancy.

They tried to keep it secret, but really didn’t consider how hard that is in Emmerdale, and soon Aaron found out the truth.

Rumours have since been flying around that something will happen to Rebecca which will leave the much loved pair to bring up the baby.

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A Robron baby sounds pretty awesome to us. Sorry, Bex.

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