Emmerdale SPOILER: Rebecca has a miscarriage?

She fears the worst when she starts having agonising stomach pains

Don’t know about you, but we feel pretty sorry for Rebecca White in Emmerdale. Anyone who came in between the mighty Robron was never going to get an easy ride from fans.

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But Bex has been subjected to some pretty mean stuff over on Twitter – from being nicknamed ‘Ratbecca’ to being wished out of existence.

Needless to say Robron stans didn’t take Rebecca’s pregnancy news very well then.

Rebecca is currently expecting Robert Sugden’s baby after their one night stand earlier this year. Robert!

Bex has finally decided that she’s going to keep the baby, telling Victoria Sugden, but still refusing to say who the father is.

But it looks like fate might have a cruel card up its sleeve when Rebecca is rushed to hospital next week with abdominal pains.

She’s convinced she’s losing the baby, but what will the doctor say?

And will the scare change the hostile relationship between her and Robert?

Robert has only just got round to telling his husband, Aaron Dingle, that he’s going to be a father.

And instead of thumping him, Aaron actually did the mature thing and told Rob he’ll support him as a dad.

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But will there even be a baby – or is this another tragic twist?

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