Emmerdale SPOILER: Priya’s horror as daughter Amba’s left in danger

Is Nell to blame for the little girl's predicament?

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Priya Sharma hasn’t been pleased about brother Jai bringing recovering addict Nell Fairfax home to stay with them.

But when Amba finds pills in Nell’s bag, panic sets in that the little girl could have taken some.

The party doesn’t go very well for Nell (Credit: ITV)

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Nell is fighting both her addiction and extreme poverty, and when Rishi finds her sleeping the factory, Jai determines he has to do something.

Priya doesn’t want Jai taking Nell in again, but he’s insistent: whatever Priya’s reservations, he’s giving Nell a place to stay.

Priya’s not happy about Nell staying again (Credit: ITV)

As Nell works hard to impress Priya and keep her place at the Sharma residence, Priya does start to soften when she sees how good Nell is with Amba.

She invites her along to Amba’s birthday party and, dressed to the nines and looking more like Jai’s lost love Holly Barton than ever, Nell definitely wins some fans.

But it all goes wrong when Amba is found with pills in her hand – has she taken any? And where have they come from?

Will Jai believe Nell’s version of events? (Credit: ITV)

“It’s an accident,” Scarlett Archer, who plays Nell, revealed to Inside Soap magazine. “She doesn’t leave them lying around, it’s just Amba is playing with her bag.”

The pills seem to be ones that the hospital have given Nell to keep off the drugs, but as the family try to establish whether or not the little girl has swallowed any, the finger is pointed firmly in Nell’s direction to take the blame.

Nell has already caused a stir when it comes to kids in the village after she took Jai and Megan’s daughter, Eliza, when Megan left the little girl alone in the car.

Jai felt sorry for Nell after she told him her heartbreaking story (Credit: ITV)

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After returning Eliza, Nell told Jai about her heartbreak when her own daughter, Rosie, was taken off her and put into care because of Nell’s drug habit.

But will Jai believe her this time and let her off the hook? Or has Nell burnt her bridges with the Sharma family?

And what does this mean for the future of their relationship?

“Jai is the only person who has been there for Nell,” Scarlett explained. “But even he worries that she’s taking drugs again.

“Nell is in a desperate situation where she needs his help. She has nowhere else to go.”

Will Jai help her? Or will this latest incident see him turn his back on her for good?