Emmerdale SPOILER: Priya pregnant – but who’s the dad?

Is a baby set to change everything for the factory boss?

While Emmerdale’s Leyla Harding’s getting all romantic and wanting to take things to the next level with Pete Barton, she has no idea her best mate Priya Sharma has been sleeping with him too.

And as Priya faces a pregnancy scare, will their affair be revealed?

Priya wasn’t much thinking about Leyla when she slept with her boyfriend (Credit: ITV)

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Priya first bedded Pete after things went sour with her own husband Rakesh Kotecha. Rakesh has since fled the Dales, on the run from the police, and Priya has found herself falling harder and harder for her friend’s fella.

Viewers weren’t impressed with Priya’s betrayal, but Priya is still making eyes at Pete (Credit: ITV)

Next week, Leyla gets carried away when a wedding planned by Take A Vow is called off and she thinks she and Pete should take the slot.

Only thing is, he hasn’t actually proposed to her yet. Is marriage even on his mind?

After Pete overhears her talking about being desperate to marry him, an embarrassed Leyla confides in her ex David Metcalfe (because that’s not weird at all) that she’s worried Pete thinks she’s too full on.

Leyla confides in David – and Tracy, and Nicola… (Credit: ITV)

David’s advice to combat that? Go even fuller on and propose to him herself!

Pete walks into the shop at just that moment – good or bad timing? We’ll let him be the judge of that as Leyla takes the bull by the horns and gets down on one knee. He only wanted to buy some milk and now he’s potentially getting a wife!

We don’t know who’s more shocked: Ross or Pete (Credit: ITV)

But will he say yes?

And if he does, is their big day set to end in disaster when Priya discovers she might be pregnant?

Of course one-night stands in Soapland never happen for no reason, so if Priya is pregnant, is Pete the dad? Or is it her departed husband Rakesh?

This isn’t awkward. No siree, not at all (Credit: ITV)

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We reckon, seeing as Rakesh is long gone, it’s more than likely the baby will be Pete’s – and what would Leyla say then?

“Leyla will rage and scream and do God-knows-what!” Roxy Shahidi who plays Leyla has revealed to Inside Soap. “But I’m interested to see whether they can repair the relationship.

“It’s such a long-standing friendship and I reckon Leyla will be more hurt by Priya’s betrayal than Pete’s.”

Fiona Wade, who plays Priya, added: “Leyla confides in Priya a lot and probably thinks she can trust her with anything…”

Well, it’s becoming all to obvious that she definitely can’t.