Emmerdale SPOILER: Priya cheats with another villager

She's fed up of Rakesh's lies and excuses

Fed up with her husband Rakesh Kotecha, Priya Sharma strays with someone else at the end of this week.

After Rakesh’s role in the fire at The Mill is revealed to the entire village, Priya seeks comfort in some very manly arms.

She ends up sleeping with Pete Barton!

Priya and Pete can’t resist each other (Credit: ITV)

But she’s married and he’s shacked up with her best mate Leyla Harding. Awkward.

As Rakesh’s crimes come spilling out of a drunk Jimmy’s mouth in the Woolpack after (yet another) row with Nicola, the Sharma’s aren’t impressed when the gossip about them begins to circulate.

And Jimmy’s only gone and reported the incident to the police in his inebriated state. He knows he’s made a massive mistake, but the cops come a-knocking on Priya and Rakesh’s door.

Priya’s more than a bit fed up of always having to find forgiveness in her heart and support a man who’s done nothing but the wrong thing.

But as she finds herself being increasingly drawn towards Pete, the pair end up sharing a passionate kiss and hopping into bed together.

It gets a bit awkward next week when Jai throws Priya and Rakesh out of his house and the pair end up moving in with Pete and Leyla.

It’s uncomfortable for Pete when Leyla invites Priya and Rakesh to stay (Credit: ITV)

But surely being under the same roof will put a stop to their shenanigans? Nope!

Fiona Wade, who plays cheating Priya, explained to Inside Soap: “It’s going to get complicated!

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“In the heat of the moment it was all about her and Pete, and Priya wasn’t thinking of Leyla.

“Now she feels guilty – but it doesn’t stop at just one night.”

But what’s prompted this change of character for Priya? Fiona revealed to “She’s fed up of being nice!

“She used to be a little minx with guys. But she had Amba, got married and it’s just been one stress after another with Rakesh.”

Priya confesses to Rakesh (Credit: ITV)

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And it soon becomes clear she can’t stand being with Rakesh any more. She ends up confessing that she slept with someone else and Rakesh is left reeling.

She stops short of telling him who though, but he soon jumps to his own conclusions – and assumes it was David.

Will Priya confess who it really was? And how will it affect her relationship with Leyla if she does?