Emmerdale SPOILER: Priya and Pete’s affair exposed?

Someone is on to the cheating pair, but are they going to expose them?

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Priya Sharma and Pete Barton have been playing a dangerous game since starting an affair behind Leyla Harding’s back – not only is she Pete’s girlfriend, she’s Priya’s best mate. That’s gonna burn.

Are they about to be exposed?? (credit: ITV)

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Next week Nell Fairfax gets wind of their secret passion and it’s not long before she makes it known she has every intention of telling oblivious Leyla.

Priya’s feelings for Pete are growing and she’s feeling guilty when Leyla admits she’d jump at marrying Pete – if he ever got round to asking.

Then Leyla starts to panic that Pete has overheard her talking about wedding bells, and is frustrated when he keeps changing the subject when she confronts him.

Is Leyla about to find out the truth? (credit: ITV)

Tracy Shankley suggests that Leyla just pops the question herself and when a wedding unexpectedly falls through, it’s suggested to Pete that he and Leyla take the date themselves.

Pete isn’t keen and an annoyed Leyla decides to propose out right, to find out where she stands. What will Pete say?

Later, he talks to Priya about what’s happened and they both admit how guilty they feel for sleeping together behind Leyla’s back.

Leyla pops the question to Pete (credit: ITV)

Unknown to them, Nell has heard everything. She wastes no time using her juicy gossip when Priya accuses her of lying to Jai about meeting with social services.

When Priya rounds on her, Nell turns the tables and tells Priya she could easily reveal the truth about her affair with Pete. Blimey, we didn’t think Nell had it in her.

But will Nell tell? (credit: ITV)

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Will Nell keep her mouth shut and will Priya get to the bottom of what Nell is hiding?

Fiona Wade, who plays Priya, recently opened up about being cheated on in real life.

She told the Daily Mirror: “I think women should stick together and honour each other, have that girl power thing.

“We should think about how other people feel.

“I’m in my 30s now, and along the way I’ve been cheated on and it is probably the worst feeling in the world.”

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