Emmerdale SPOILER: Pollard attacked in shock robbery

Eric gets brutally attacked while looking after the shop for David - will he pull through?

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Poor Eric Pollard is about to go through a horrendous ordeal in Emmerdale, when he’s brutally attacked while looking after David Metcalfe’s shop.

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Local yobs, Josh and Jamie give Jacob a hard time about Tracey’s naughty novels and try to get him to steal from the shop for them.

When the youngster refuses, the horrible pair decide to do the job themselves – armed with a baseball bat.

They demand cash from Eric, who bravely refuses. But his loyalty to David and the shop is rewarded with a hard whack in the stomach with a baseball bat.

Eric falls to the ground and the lads leg it. Dan Spencer is in the shop at the time, but is frozen with fear and unable to step in to help.

Eric is rushed to hospital and Dan blames himself for not stopping the violent attack.

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Will Eric pull through? And will Dan be convinced that it wasn’t his fault?

Josh and Jamie are making quite a name for themselves as troublemakers in the Dales.

Josh has already taken Gabby Thomas’ virginity, then slut-shamed her online about it afterwards.

And that was while the poor girl was watching her terminally-ill dad, Ashley, fall apart.

They’re obviously a pair of scoundrels.

But could they soon have Eric’s death on their hands?

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