Emmerdale SPOILER: Pierce violently attacks Rhona on wedding night

Has he finally gone too far?

While most of us were hoping Rhona Goskirk would come to her senses about Pierce Harris before she said I do, it looks like they will make it down the aisle.

But once Rhona is committed to the man of her nightmares, he subjects her to another brutal attack. Is it enough to make her leave at least?

Despite Vanessa Woodfield’s warnings Pierce can’t be trusted, Rhona has cut all ties with her friend instead of listening to her.

Even when Vanessa brings Pierce’s mum to the hen do, and showcases what a difficult relationship they have, it’s not enough to make Rhona doubt her fiancé.

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As the day of the wedding dawns, Rhona is getting herself ready for the small, simple bash, but it looks like Pierce is having serious second thoughts.

Just as it seems he might not go through with it, Rhona enters looking stunning and with little Leo as best man, and Marlon, Nicola and Paddy (don’t ask us why Rhona’s ex-husband is at her wedding!) as pretty much the only guests, Pierce and Rhona make their vows and are pronounced husband and wife.

We’d like to say we’re happy, but honestly, we’re really not.

While everyone else heads to the Woolpack for the reception, Pierce persuades Rhona to accompany him back home for a minute. She thinks he’s going to give her a gift or wants to spend some time together, but it turns out he has a shock announcement.

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He tells her he’s bought them a house miles away from the village.

Rhona’s horrified and an argument soon breaks out during which Pierce pushes Rhona to the floor.

As he looms over her, he rapes her again in shockingly violent scenes.

After the attack a distraught Rhona lies on the floor unable to quite comprehend what has just happened to her.

But Pierce seems to think he knows what happened – and manipulates the situation telling his new wife she was asking for it.

As he tells her they need to get back to their guests, Rhona is frozen to the spot and unsure what her next move should be.

While the audience will all be shouting “leave him”, will she have the strength to do it? And who does she have left to turn to now?