Emmerdale SPOILER: Pierce to use Rhona’s addiction as his defence?

She's back on the painkillers to fight her unhappiness

Emmerdale’s Rhona Goskirk has been spiralling out of control ever since her husband Pierce Harris attacked her.

As she sinks back into her painkiller addiction, could this go against her in court?

Rhona’s at breaking point (Credit: ITV)

Although Rhona has yet to officially report her rape and name Pierce at her attacker, we know she is going to find the courage to follow through the course of action she started.

For now, she’s trying to deal with her addiction after Vanessa Woodfield and Marlon Dingle discovered she was using again.

“They keep me safe,” she told Vanessa on Friday after being caught with the pills.

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Rhona was caught red-handed taking pills again (Credit: ITV)

As as Vanessa quizzed her about her addiction and when it started, Rhona tearfully admitted it was when she was in Devon with Leo and she had left the little lad on his own while she went to get the drugs.

Rhona insisted to her friend anything she now said about Pierce was going to get twisted thanks to her dependence on the tablets, and she fretted she was going to lose Leo after Marlon caught her taking pills.

Rhona confided her fears in Vanessa (Credit: ITV)

“No one’s going to believe a word I say now, are they?” she said. Vanessa hugged her, but she couldn’t reassure her it would all be okay.

Making a decision that Rhona needs proper help this time, Vanessa takes swift action and packs Rhona off to rehab tonight.

Vanessa takes action and sends Rhona to rehab (Credit: ITV)

After a tearful goodbye to Leo and her friends, Rhona goes to get clean, but what will happen when she returns – and eventually reports Pierce?

He’s already threatened to use the sex tape they made against her to paint a false picture of her behaviour, and we know he’d do anything at all to save his own skin.

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Pierce is manipulative and will do whatever it takes to make Rhona look bad (Credit: ITV)

Will he use Rhona’s addiction against her? It’s more than likely. He’s a lawyer so knows his way around the legal system.

Could he stoop so low as to say she had already relapsed before their marriage, so her memories of that night would be hazy?

Is Rhona right? Is it really hopeless for her to fight him?

Let’s hope Emmerdale find a way to make sure his crimes don’t go unpunished.