Emmerdale SPOILER: Pierce returns to ruin Rhona

But why has he come back to the village?

Whilst Paddy Kirk can be lovable, sometimes he really is monumentally stupid.

And next week he proves just that when he heads off to persuade Pierce Harris to come back to the village.

Of course, Paddy has no idea that Pierce raped Rhona, but he does know she was adamant it’s over, so why he thinks it’s a good idea to track the evil lawyer down is beyond us.

But that’s what he does, thinking Rhona needs Pierce after her recent painkiller relapse.

Paddy contacts Pierce and practically begs him to come home – what an idiot! (Credit: ITV)

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“Pierce has been lying low somewhere, figuring out his next move,” actor Jonathan Wrather told Inside Soap. “But then Paddy calls to say that Rhona needs him.

“Pierce discovers that she’s been in rehab and taking drugs, and we know he has form for manipulating situations and turning them to his advantage.”

Her estranged husband knowing she’s been back on the pills is the last thing Rhona needs – and she wants to see him even less than that.

But he brazenly turns up at the cottage and acts like everything is normal and nothing happened between them.

Rhona’s not expecting to see Pierce in her kitchen (Credit: ITV)

His behaviour freaks Rhona out as she stands terrified, faced with him in the kitchen.

She doesn’t want him there and after a difficult and draining conversation with her monster ex, she makes a huge decision about what she needs to do next.

“Pierce’s return forces Rhona’s hand,” actress Zoe Henry, aka Rhona, added to Inside Soap. “She realises he’s never going to go away.

“She’s wanted to stuff it all under a matress and forget about it, but when she sees him again, she is absolutely terrified.”

After a threatening conversation, Rhona realises she has no choice but to go to the police (Credit: ITV)

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After being confronted by her biggest fear – Pierce in her house again – Rhona realises there’s only one thing she can do to turn a corner with her life.

She decides she must report him to the police.

But with everything else that’s gone on, including her relapse into addiction, is reporting him going to be as straightforward as she hoped?

Something tells us, Rhona’s still facing a long journey ahead of her, especially as Pierce tries to twist the situation to his advantage.

Can anyone step in a save Rhona?

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