Emmerdale SPOILER: Pierce is FINALLY exposed?

Vanessa catches him out big time

Emmerdale’s Pierce Harris is set to be caught out next week when his feud with Vanessa Woodfield reignites.

She’s set to discover some pretty interesting evidence she can use against him – but how will she play it to her advantage?

Pierce has so far had the upper hand, threatening Vanessa and her child, and manipulating the situation so it destroyed her friendship with Rhona.

The controlling lawyer has been treating Rhona Goskirk badly for months, even forcing himself on her numerous times, but Vanessa’s the only one who can see it.

Desperate to get her friend away from her evil fiancé, Vanessa is pleased when she and Rhona take baby steps to repairing their friendship next week.

But with Rhona choosing Carly Hope as her maid of honour instead of Ness, it’s hard going for a hurt Vanessa to swallow her feelings and make amends.

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Paddy Kirk advises that it’s best to make peace once and for all, so Vanessa takes this on board and goes over to see Rhona. But when she arrives she spies Pierce through the window, and takes a sneaky peek at what he’s up to…

It turns out, he’s watching his sex tape with Rhona on the laptop!

He’d previously told Rhona he’d deleted the x-rated footage, and that was part of what Vanessa’s whole falling out with her best mate was about. So now Vanessa knows he was telling big fat lies, does she have enough evidence to expose him?

She knows she has to tread very carefully if she’s to get one up on him, so how she goes about it remains to be seen, but could this signal the first chink in Pierce’s armour?

Speaking to Digital Spy about her discovery, Michelle Hardwick, who plays Vanessa, said:

“When Vanessa spots Pierce watching the sex tape, she can’t quite believe what she’s seeing.

“Just when she thinks that he can’t possibly top his previous bad behaviour, she sees that he has kept a copy of the sex video and has blatantly lied to Rhona.

“She’s had enough and she’ll do whatever it takes. Rhona is her best friend and she’s looking out for her. She’ll do anything to protect her – and she’ll do anything to stop Rhona and Pierce’s marriage.”

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With fans fearful Pierce is going to KILL Vanessa to keep her from interfering in his relationship with Rhona, Michelle is sure her alter ego will be okay:

“We’ve already seen Pierce pick up pictures of little Johnny and he’s warned her not to mess with him.

“He’s already hinted that he could harm Vanessa’s family. So I think she’s definitely in danger, but Vanessa can look after herself.”