Emmerdale SPOILER: Pierce attacks Rhona AGAIN

This is happening far too often - can Rhona save herself?

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Emmerdale’s Rhona Goskirk suffers another attack at the hands of her partner Pierce Harris when he get aggressive and tries to force himself on her again.

In what is becoming a more and more regular occurrence, Pierce then makes Rhona feel it’s all her fault and she’s brought his behaviour on herself.

We’ve been screaming out our TV’s for months for Rhona to get away from her controlling other half, but she continues to stay with him.

In recent scenes, Pierce was seen forcing himself on his girlfriend who told him she wasn’t in the mood for sex. Afterwards she tried her best to forget what happened and put it behind them.

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But then he blew a fuse about her cavorting with half-naked men at the Woolpack’s hunks night, resulting in Rhona agreeing not to go out with the girls any more – no!

As she begins to feel increasingly more isolated, Pierce continues to control her, suggesting a cosy night in at the cottage. Rhona’s really keen to avoid being alone with him, but eventually she’s forced to agree.

Things get difficult when Pierce pesters her for sex again and she refuses him. He acts all hurt and Rhona’s left feeling bad.

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In our opinion a game of truth or dare is rarely a good idea, especially when your partner is controlling and insecure, but that’s exactly what Rhona and Pierce end up doing.

And Rhona’s confession, that her fantasy one-night stand is none other than local hardman mechanic Cain Dingle, unsurprisingly doesn’t go down hugely well with Pierce.

Fans will be smiling to themselves at the revelation though, given in real life actress Zoe Henry who plays Rhona is actually married to Jeff Hordley who plays Cain!

But Pierce doesn’t find any of it very funny at all, and when he takes her admission to mean she likes it rough, he ends up pinning her to the kitchen floor trying to be more like Cain.

Scared by his aggression with memories of his rape flooding back to her, Rhona is able to push him off this time. Phew.

Obviously Pierce is unimpressed by the rejection and makes sure Rhona knows it, leaving her feeling like everything is her fault once again. Ooh, we really hate him.

As she continues to give in to his controlling behaviour, Rhona’s putting herself in real danger. But can anyone make her realise this is not a normal relationship before it’s too late?

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