Emmerdale SPOILER: Nell flees the village?

Could Nell's brief stay in the village be over as she packs her bags next week

Uh-oh, looks like Jai Sharma is in danger of losing Nell Fairfax for good next week when she prepares to leave the village after more problems with him.

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The pair have been orbiting each other since meeting at a drug support group back in March, but their fledgling relationship looks set to hit another bump next week.

Things start off well when Nell makes steps to finding Rosie, her daughter who was taken into care. Jai is delighted that Nell is making positive moves for her future.

Kind-hearted Jai even books her a pampering session before her meeting with social services to make sure she’s feeling super relaxed and confident.

But things take a nasty turn when Nell overhears Jai talking to Moira Barton about her.

Jai feels he needs to speak to Moira about his decision to move on from his grief over her daughter, Holly, who tragically died from a drug overdose last year.

But when Nell listens in, she gets the wrong idea about Jai’s feelings and immediately packs her bags.

Will he finally tell Nell he loves her, or let her slip away too?

Chris Bisson, who plays Jai, said: “He’s upset that she has misunderstood what he was saying to Moira. She hasn’t heard the full conversation.

 “If she had, she would probably understand that Jai’s intentions were honest and that he was actually being very open with Moira about his feelings towards Holly and never forgetting her.
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“Jai does have to move on, but when Moira sees him and Nell in the village, he feels compelled to have to explain himself. He doesn’t want Moira to think that he’s forgotten Holly or that his feelings towards her have changed.”

But will he get the chance to tell all this to Nell?

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